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The Function Of The Spring
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Main function

① controls mechanical movement, such as valve springs in internal combustion engines, control springs in clutches, etc. ② absorbs vibration and shock energy, such as the buffer spring under the car, the train compartment, the vibration absorber spring in the coupling, etc. ③ stores and outputs energy as a power, such as a clock spring, a spring in a gun, etc. ④ is used as a force-measuring element, such as a force-measuring device, a spring in a spring balance, etc. The ratio of load to deformation of spring is called spring stiffness, the greater the stiffness, the harder the spring. Spring is widely used in machinery and electronics industry, an elastic element, spring load can produce large elastic deformation, mechanical work or kinetic energy into deformation energy, and after unloading the spring deformation disappeared and revert to the original, the deformation can be converted to mechanical work or kinetic energy.

Measuring function

We know that within the elastic limit, the elongation (or contraction) of the spring is proportional to the external force. The spring scale is made by the nature of spring.

Reset function

When the spring is deformed under the external force, the spring can be restored. Many tools and equipment are reset by the nature of the spring. For example, many buildings on the hinge of the gate are fitted with a reset spring when people enter and exit, the door will automatically reset. People also use this function made of automatic umbrella, automatic pencil and other supplies, very convenient. In addition, all kinds of buttons and buttons are also indispensable to the reset spring.

Drive function

Mechanical clocks, clockwork toys are driven by the winding. When the spring is tightened, the clockwork produces bending deformation, storing certain elastic potential energy. After release, the elastic potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy, which is driven by a driving device. The toy gun and the starting gun and military guns are also used to work on one of the properties of the spring.

Buffering function

A spring is arranged between the locomotive frame and the wheel, and the elasticity of the spring is used to slow the vehicle's turbulence.