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Polyester Yarn Is The Cotton Yarn Used In The Production Of Polyester
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Polyester yarn refers to the production of polyester cotton yarn, polyester is a kind of polymer spinning fiber, at present, more refers to two ethyl phthalate as raw material for the production of fiber, commonly known as polyester in China.

The so-called "yarn", in fact, refers to the "yarn" and "line" of the general term, in the study of clothing materials is defined as follows: "Yarn" is a lot of short fibers or filaments arranged in an approximate parallel state, and along the axis rotation twisting, composed of a certain strength and linear density of slender objects, and "line" is two or more than two of the single yarn twist into the strands. Yarn is cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fibers, such as fiber elongated twist spun into the fine wisp (usually used as raw materials for weaving), and then cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other fine wisp of material into the strands of fine wisp, called line.