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Buttons Are Common Life Clothing Supplies
- Feb 28, 2018 -

In Ancient Rome, the original buttons were used to make decorations, while the clothing was decorated with pins. In the 13th century, buttons were the same as they were today. At that time, people had learned to open a buttonhole on their clothes, which greatly improved the practical value of buttons. In the 16th century, buttons were popularized. With the advent of fast fashion, buttons from the previous functional type has become the current creative type.

In China, buttons can be traced back to 1800 years ago, the original buttons are mainly stone buttons, wooden buttons, shell buttons, and later developed into cloth with buttons, intertwining buttons. intertwining buttons play a great role in the history of our garments, from the original clothing function fastener to the garment decoration transition. Chinese-style disc buckle is the traditional clothing of China's button form, is a variety of cloth sewn into thin strips, plate formed in a variety of shapes of fancy buttons. Chinese-style disc buckle beautiful, exquisite workmanship, like a variety of handicrafts, can be said to be China's clothing garden unique exotic. Chinese disc deduction with the same use value of other buttons, more used to decorate and beautify clothing, especially in the national costume, more embodies the beauty of its clothing, give people the most impressive is the "Tang costume" on the disc buckle.

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