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The principle of making yarn
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Impurity removal: Spinning is a science that studies the processing of textile staple fibres into yarns, and yarns are generally made of short fibres of varying lengths, by means of twisting, and by a long continuous filament twist. In the spinning process, the first need to remove the miscellaneous defects, that is, raw materials for initial processing, also known as the preparation of spinning raw materials. Different kinds of raw materials, different types and nature of impurities, processing methods and arts are also different. The primary processing methods of raw materials are physical methods (such as cotton rolling), chemical methods (including degumming, scouring of spun silk), and physical and chemical methods (such as wool washing and peat).

Loose solution: will be messy, transverse closely related to the fiber processing into a longitudinal order, and has a certain requirements of the smooth yarn, the need to turn the bulk of fiber into a single fiber state, the removal of fiber raw materials exist horizontal link, establish a solid vertical link between the beginning and the end. The former is called the loose solution of fiber, the latter is called a set of fibers. The loose solution of fiber is to completely remove the transverse connection between fiber and fiber. But the damage to the fibres must be reduced as much as possible. A set of fibres is a longitudinal connection that allows the loosened fibers to be set up in an orderly, sequential manner, and the fibers in the set are uniformly distributed, with a certain line density and strength. Fiber aggregates, also need to add a certain twist. Collection process is not a complete, to be combed, stretching and twisting and so on multiple processing can be completed.

Carding: Carding machine is a large number of dense comb needle to the small fiber block, small bundle further loose into a single root state, thus further improve the fiber's loose solution. After carding, the transverse relation between fibers is basically relieved, and the impurity and blending function is more sufficient. But there are a lot of fibers in the curved shape. And there is a curved hook, each fiber still has a certain horizontal link.

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