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The history of Zipper
- Feb 28, 2018 -

With the development of human society economy and Science and technology, zipper from the original metal materials to non-metallic materials, single varieties of single function to many varieties of comprehensive function development, from simple structure to today's exquisite beautiful, colorful, after a long evolution process. Its performance, structure, materials with each passing day, wide range of uses, in-depth to the aerospace, aviation, military, medical, civil and other fields, small zipper in people's lives played a more and more important, more and more show its importance and vitality. Zipper, as one of the ten most practical inventions of the Century, has been recorded in the Annals of history.

Zipper is also called zip. It is one of the ten inventions of modern conveniences for people's life.

The appearance of the Zipper was a century ago. At that time, in some parts of central Europe, people tried to replace buttons and bows by means of bands, hooks and loops, and began experimenting with zippers. Zippers are first used in military uniforms. During World War I, the American army ordered a large number of zippers for the first time to make clothes for the soldiers. But the zipper in the folk promotion is relatively late, until 1930 was not accepted by women, used to replace clothing buttons.

The zipper was obtained in the name of 1926. According to reports, a novelist named Franco, in the promotion of a zipper sample of a business lunch, said: "A pull, it will open." And then pull it off. " It is very concise to explain the characteristics of the zipper. This is the word zipper.