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The advantages of plastic hangers and wooden hangers
- Feb 28, 2018 -

A hanger is a shelf for wearing clothes. The hanger was invented by a worker named Albert Parkhaus. At the time he was a blacksmith who made the lampshade of a wire and a small handmade product company in Michigan State, and one day he was angry to find that the hook in the factory cloakroom had been fully occupied, and he angrily took out a wire and bent it into the shape of his coat and shoulders and added a hook to it. The invention was owned and patented by his boss, which is the origin of the hanger.

Hanger is an early appearance of a furniture in China, the Zhou Dynasty began to implement the ritual, aristocratic class to dress very seriously, in order to adapt to this need, the early emergence of a special used to hang clothes shelves. Each dynasty's hanger forms are different, the name is also different. The old clothes hanger to the modern has the new evolution and the development, the traditional style and the modern practical function unifies, has produced the new household product, does not have some charm.

The advantages of plastic hangers:

1. The processing is easy and the cost is low.

2. Lighter in quality and easy to carry.

3. Rich colors give people a colorful world.

Wooden Hanger Advantages:

1. Give people close to nature, warm, elegant feeling.

2. Unique textures, different visual sensations.

3. The material itself has no pollution to the environment.