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Maintenance Skills of Zipper
- Feb 28, 2018 -

Peacetime use, to pay attention to the zipper has no "broken belly", "off the teeth", skew and other problems, have these problems to be repaired in time, do not pull hard. If the zipper hair loose and remove teeth, you can use a small hammer in the zipper head gently knock a few, so that the upper and lower chain teeth bite a little tighter, will not take off the teeth.

Aluminum alloy zipper is more susceptible to corrosion, so should be kept dry, do not damp, to prevent aluminum teeth to produce white oxides, will lead to a long time zipper rust, affect the use, but also pay attention to not with alkaline and acidic material contact. In the preservation to ensure that a certain ventilation, do not seal the preservation, also do not keep in a moisture-filled environment, when necessary to use a damp-proof paper or desiccant agent. If the zipper is damp, pull up astringent, at this time, first will be a zipper drying, and then, in the zipper teeth coated with some wax, and then baked with fire, so use, it is very lubricated.

Pull the zipper, should be on both sides of the teeth close to the alignment, and then pinch the zipper head along the track gently pull forward, do not forcibly pull, lest cause "teeth askew", "Broken belly" and "off the teeth." If the zipper astringent, pull is not flexible, you can first wipe clean with cloth after the "teeth" on a layer of ash.

Zipper with a variety of bags, pockets or wallets, do not install too full, or easy to make zipper "broken belly", "off the teeth", skew and soft and other phenomena.