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Lubrication method of Chain
- Feb 28, 2018 -

After each cleaning, wiping or using solvents to clean the chain, be sure to add lubricating oil, and before adding lubricants to ensure that the chain is dry. First, the lubricant is penetrated into the chain bearing parts and then thickened or dried. This can really lubricate the parts where the chain is easy to wear (two joints on both sides). Good lubricants, just beginning to feel like water, easy to penetrate, but after some time will become sticky or dry, can play the role of long-lasting lubrication.

After good lubricating oil, use dry cloth to wipe excess oil on the chain, avoid dirt and dust adhesion. Before reloading the chain, remember to clean the chain to connect with each other to ensure that there is no stain residue. After the chain clean, in the assembly magic deduction money, also must in the shaft inside and outside some lubricating oil.