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How to choose a zipper
- Feb 28, 2018 -

When matching the zipper, we should not only pay attention to the color of the zipper cloth and the difference between the fabric, which is usually said chromatic aberration, but also pay attention to the color fastness of the zipper cloth belt. For the manufacturer, whether the color fastness of the zipper to the standard series and whether the zipper and apparel will occur between colors will directly affect the final product quality.

The color fastness mainly includes the product washes, the friction resistance performance, generally refers to the dyeing fabric in the use or the processing process, suffers from the external factor (squeeze, the friction, the soap washes, the rain drench, the exposure and so on) the effect under the fade degree. As a manufacturer, in the selection of zipper suppliers, should pay attention to the three kinds of color fastness: light fastness, washing fastness and color dye, so as to avoid these problems occur, improve the quality of clothing.

Light fastness to Sun

Generally speaking, perspiration is accompanied by the sun. Therefore, the light fastness here is not single, it includes a double fastness to the sun and perspiration. Different degrees of sunlight can cause a series of photochemical reactions to cause the dye itself to damage the structure, resulting in discoloration and fading. At the same time, the presence of sweat will make the ph value of weak acidic or weak alkaline, this will significantly reduce the resistance of some disperse dyes to the sun fastness. Therefore, this compound effect is very different from the pure fastness to light or perspiration. However, through a number of preventive measures, can enhance the compound fastness to the sun, so that the color of the zipper for a long time to keep bright. Therefore, choose some zipper products, should be selected by the UV-enhanced treatment or directly selected with high sun fastness of the zipper.

Fastness to SOAP Washing

The fastness to soaping is also an important indicator. The General zipper cloth Belt is 100% polyester fabric, using disperse dye high-temperature dyeing. The soaping fastness of disperse dyes refers to the degree of staining of a single fiber or fiber cloth under certain washing conditions. Theoretically speaking, because disperse dyes are dispersed in the polyester, and the disperse concentration of dye from the surface of the fiber gradually decreasing, which makes the surface of the accumulation of more dye molecules. Therefore, the quality of the soap-washing fastness depends on two aspects: one is the amount of interaction between the dye itself and the fiber molecules, the force of the dye molecule is difficult to be washed out of the fiber surface, the effect is small; second, in the finishing process after dyeing, the fiber surface dye molecule residue, if the latter treatment is more thorough, Surface dye residue will be very small, soap washing is very difficult to make the zipper cloth with fade.